bolne waala Saathi!

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Just like a game!

Learning English is Fun!

In the app YOU play the role of RAM, a sales manager new to the city of Mumbai. Practice English speaking while exploring Ram’s story. Learning English has never been this enjoyable!

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Talk to people

Real Life Conversations

Ram will make new friends, explore Mumbai and work hard. Ram will have conversations  – all what you can use in daily life. As Ram learns English, so will you!

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Speak English! Most of the time

While you can listen, read and write in English the App is mainly designed to make you speak English most of the time. More speaking, more fluency!

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Speech Recognition

Learn from Instant Feedback

Our advanced speech recognition software will analyze your spoken output and tell you immediately if you are right or wrong. Learn and repeat the conversation. Practice English speaking and be a pro in 60 days!

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Learn with Friends!

You can invite your friends and learn together. Compare who has maximum points and is winning. Earn badges that reflect your proficiency in Spoken English and share it with your friends on social media. Have fun learning English!

People Behind English Dost

We are a bunch of technology and mobile enthusiasts passionate about education. We believe technology has only scratched the surface when it comes to improving education and we are here to change that.

Ram Kakkad
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Ram Kakkad

Founder | Content and Pedagogy

Ram loves to teach and primarily manages the curriculum design and its ‘technologification’. He conceptualized the English Dost solution after trying to learn Spanish but being frustrated by the lack of structured & measurable speaking practice. When not thinking of English Dost – Ram enjoys playing tennis and other racket sports.

Vivek Iyer
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Vivek Iyer

Co Founder | Business

Vivek is the resident hustler at English Dost – does whatever is required to move ahead. At InMobi he helped build their User Acquisition business across China, Japan and Korea. He enjoys his occasional trails and is working hard at making good his 2016 resolution of practicing Yoga regularly.

Pankaj Chand
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Pankaj Chand

Co Founder | Engineering

Pankaj is the wizard of the team. While the rest mainly talk, he puts in the all-nighters required to get the product up in front of the user. After completing B Tech in CS from IITM, Pankaj worked on various technologies at Oracle and co-filed 3 patents. He loves trekking and sports, and is a Salsa enthusiast!

  • Excellent App! Those who are weak in conversation should install such an app.

  • In my childhood, I was not able to speak good English because for learning English, I have to know English. Funny na? But this app is great! It's in Hindi and we have to translate in English. That's good. I have found that my grammar is weak. It will be very nice if you create a similar app for learning basic English grammar.

  • Amazing app for a beginner. It is a very nice way to learn English on their own. But it would be nice if you can include other languages also instead of Hindi alone. I request you to come up with Kannada to English lessons.